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Friday, December 30, 2005

Nokia 6680 Cellphones Review

continues producing business-class phones, such as earlier models 6670, 7610 or 6630. But all those models had been in the market for a quite long time and because of big rivalry from other phone makers, Nokia needed something to refresh this line of handsets. So along with some other handsets, Nokia released 6680 and 6681 phones that are practically the same with only a few differences (actually, the 6681 is simple GSM handset and 6680 is GSM/3G handset). So we're going to review the 6680, which is a really interesting handset from all points of view.


Nokia 6680 is a quite small handset for its class: it has a size of 109 x 55 x 20.5 mm and weighs 133 grams. The only difference from simple handsets (not smartphones) is that 6680 is much wider. But of course, 6680 can't be called a large handset: it is proportional.

6680's keyboard traditionally contains control and digit buttons, and also additional buttons on the side panels. Almost all buttons are very comfortable to use. We've only had small difficulties with 5-direction navigation key, because sometimes it worked as it was pressed on arrows, not on the center. But this wasn't a really big problem, because it is easy to start using a navigation key properly after some time. Additional buttons on side panels are also comfortable to use. So the keyboard has some small disadvantages, but overall it is quite comfortable to use and is one of the best keyboards in Nokia smartphones.

We should also mention a fact that Nokia 6680 has only two side buttons. The one on the left panel works for activating voice functions. In a stand-by mode long press on this button activates voice dial and during a conversation this button turns on/off the loud-talk mode. On the right panel handset has an on/off button, which also works for locking a keyboard and selecting profiles, as it is usual in Nokia phones. On the bottom phone has a port for a charger and a Pop-Port.

Above the display phone has a camera for video-chat, with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Differently from most other 3G handsets, where cameras for video-chat simply don't work in non-3G networks, 6680's front panel camera can be used, for example, to take self-shots. It is activated via "Camera" menu, but only if the main camera lens is covered with a sliding cover.

So as we've mentioned, phone's main camera is placed on the back panel and covered with a sliding cover. Nokia 6680 is equipped with 1.3 megapixel camera. Camera has a mirror circle around, which can be used for taking self-shots. Camera also has a small flash light. When a sliding cover is opened it automatically activates a camera application and vice versa: if the cover is closed, an application is closed too.

Handset supports rsMMC memory cards. Slot for memory cards is located on the right panel. As a camera lens cover too, memory card slot cover is associated with user interface. When the cover is opened, all applications, that run from a memory card, are closed. Of course, handset allows changing memory cards without turning phone on/off and because of a comfortable location of a card slot, this feature is realized much better than in other Nokia handsets.

Nokia 6680 is equipped with 262 144 color TFT display with a size of 176 x 208 pixels. Quality if the image is quite good, all colors are quite bright. But unfortunately, display isn't good enough, comparing with phones from such makers as Samsung: despite its 262K colors, it looks like it had only 65K colors.

6680 is equipped with a Li-Ion battery, which is traditionally placed on the back on the phone. SIM card is located under the battery.


  • 2G/3G-compatible handset ? dual-mode WCDMA & GSM900/1800/1900 support
  • High-resolution 262,144-colour LCD viewable in most lighting condition
  • Integrated 1.3-megapixel (1.23-megapixel effective) camera with flash light
  • VGA-based lens used for front-facing camera (self-view shots/clips and video calls)
  • Post-imaging support ? Nokia XpressPrint Printing Solution
  • Voice and video calling capabilities
  • External memory card support (RS-MMC type)
  • Bluetooth/USB data cable connectivity
  • High-speed data capabilities via GPRS, EDGE or WCDMA networks
  • Integrated, full-screen HTML/WAP browser
  • SMS/EMS/MMS/e-mail and instant (IMPS) messaging capabilities
  • 48-chord polyphonic, AMR and MP3/AAC/WAV digital audio ringtone support
  • Playback/streaming of digital audio and video files through RealPlayer application
  • Compatibility with Java- and Series 60 based application
  • PDA-based applications ? with local and remote synchronisation capabilities (SyncML)
  • Integrated viewer for Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint/Word formatted files
  • Integrated loudspeaker (for voice/video calls and media player)
  • Press-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC/PTT) capability
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless keyboard support
  • ?Flight mode? support (ability to use the phone whilst in a radio-sensitive environment)
  • Design ? chromed finishing very prone to light scratching
  • Keylock ? auto-activation still not an available feature
  • Memory card ? RS-MMC compatibility limited to 1.8V type cards only
  • Phonebook (contacts) entries cannot be sorted by first name (Chinese-enabled models only)
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Shawn T Lippert said...

Thank you for the informative blog
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Shawn T Lippert said...

Thank you for the informative blog
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Shawn T Lippert said...

Thank you for the informative blog
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