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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Siemens ME75 Cell Phones Review

Siemens ME75 Cell Phones Review
At first glance, the Siemens ME75 is a dead ringer for the M75 ruggedised phone, but in fact the ME75 is physically a fair amount smaller and about 85% of the weight of the M75.

It's a pretty basic phone though, but broadly competitive with the
Nokia 5140i. the ME75 has a 132x176 pixel display, a VGA resolution camera, a WAP browser and email client. The Siemens ME75 weighs 95 grams, and measures 105x46x18mm.. which seems quite large, but the size and weight is partly due to the ME75's rubbery bits.

Compared to the Nokia, the ME75 has no FM radio but a better display. However, the 5140i also comes with EDGE, a built-in thermometer, compass and a flashlight, all features missing from the Siemens ME75. The ME75 seems to have pretty good battery life though.

How much market penetration the ME75 will get is questionable. The M75 is allegedly available in some European countries, although you'd be hard pressed to find one. The previous model, the M65 didn't hang around for long either. In fact, it's hard to see why anybody would choose the ME75 over the Nokia 5140i in any case.

Siemens ME75 at a glance
Available: Q4 2005
Network: Tri-band GSM
Data: GPRS
Screen: 132x176 pixels, 65,000 colours
Camera: 640x480 pixels
Size: Standard "candy bar" size105x46x18mm / 95 gramss
Bluetooth: No
Infra-red: Yes
Polyphonic: Yes
Java: Yes
Battery life: 8 hours talk / 18 days standby

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