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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nokia 6010 Cellphones Review

Even though it has been a major force in the personal communications industry for years in Europe and other parts of the world, pre-paid mobile calling plans are only now starting to garner serious support from the mobile carriers in the United States. As such, we are starting to see more phones in the US market that are tailored to pre-paid plans, with their typically low entry costs and no fixed recurring monthly fees.

Nokia's 6010 is one such handset that is being made available on pre-paid calling plans. The 6010 is the entry level model in Nokia's 6000 series of more classically styled, business oriented handsets. It has a relatively simple set of core features when compared to modern megapixel cameraphones and keyboard laden smartphones, but considering its low cost and solid performance, it should be of real interest to a lot of people looking to get their first mobile phone.
Physical aspects

The 110g (3.9oz) Nokia 6010 measures up at 119mm x 50mm x 22mm (4.7" x 2.0" x .9") in size, which makes it a bit heavier and larger than competitors such as the Sony Ericsson T290a and Samsung SGH-C207. The 6010 makes use of a 4096 color passive matrix display that has a 96x65 pixel resolution. It lacks a 4-way directional controller and instead offers only a 2-way scroll button, located between the two softkeys and the green and red call control keys. The numeric keypad on the 6010 is nicely spaced and the all of the keys on the device offer a good feel.

There are no controls located on the sides of the Nokia 6010 at all, just some clear decorative plastic designs that allow the white backlight from the keypad to shine through. The bottom of the phone is where you will find the classic style Nokia power and headphone ports. A large, rubber power button is found on the top of the phone. The back panel of the 6010 has a rubber patch on it where the Nokia logo is printed. This rubber patch makes removing the back cover a slightly easier feat, and also keeps the phone itself from slipping on your desk, or possibly even your car dash to some extent.
Nokia sells other Xpress-on color covers for the 6010, letting you can personalize your phone beyond the look it comes with out of the box. Next

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